The smart solution for loading

LOMAS Gate Scanner is a solution which makes it possible to read pallets on forklifts during transport, check that they are loaded correctly and book them fully automatically.

This product is used in shipping when loading pallets onto lorries.

LOMAS Gate Scanner is an excellent choice if the lorry drivers have to load the pallets themselves, enabling them to work without handheld scanners.

The solution is also perfect for loading ramps with high loading frequency or for loading ramps where there is insufficient space to assemble a shipment in front of the loading gate. This allows forklift drivers to take the pallets out of the warehouse and drive them directly into the lorry. And all this while checking and booking the goods in real time without having to get off the forklift.

The principle

For this purpose, special oscillating mirror scanners and one traffic light each are installed for each loading gate.

Ideally, a PC is also installed on the wall or in a PC cabinet at the loading gates.

The LOMAS Gate Scanner software product is installed on a server, which manages all gate scanners in real time and exchanges data with the WMS or SAP/ERP system.


The dispatch manager starts the shipment to be loaded for a loading gate. For each gate, the PC displays on the LOMAS screen which goods are to be loaded and which have already been loaded.

When the loading staff drives the pallets past the gate scanner with hand pallet truck or forklift, even at high speed, the labels are read automatically, even if several pallets are on the fork simultaneously.

LOMAS checks whether the pallets should be loaded via this gate at all, whether the articles fit, whether the quantity is correct, whether the load carriers are the correct ones and whether the shelf life and the remaining time is sufficient for the customer. Of course, blocked pallets cannot be loaded either, unless it is an in-house movement of goods.

LOMAS reads, checks and displays whether the pallets may be loaded or not in real time. The complete process comprising fully automatic scanning, checking and evaluation takes only a few 100 milliseconds. When the traffic light is green, LOMAS indicates that loading has started and loading is permitted. A yellow light means that the pallets are being read and checked. Red means that the pallets may not be loaded. Optionally, an acoustic signalling device can also be activated.

When loading is complete, the load master completes the loading process. LOMAS delivers the information on the loaded pallets directly to the WMS or SAP/ERP system or sends it directly to the goods recipients via DESADV.

On request, LOMAS can print a bill of lading for handover to the lorry driver. It contains all loaded pallets with their data such as SSCC numbers, article number and designation, batch designations, shelf life or remaining times.

The added value for you

  • Free loading staff from manual scanning work
  • Reduced parking space requirements on the ramp
  • Reliable loading by displaying the loading list and the goods loaded so far
  • Real-time inspection of the loaded goods e.g. for article, quantity, shelf life.
  • Optical and acoustic feedback / warning in case of incorrect loading
  • Verifiability by the dispatch manager
  • Collected feedback to the host


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