It pays off to modernise your automated warehouse ...

What bothers you about your warehouse?

  • Does the conveyor system cause problems? Are too many manual interventions necessary?
  • Do the stacker cranes no longer function reliably? Are there positioning errors?
  • Is the WMS no longer reliable? Is the system outdated?
  • Do you have procurement problems with the warehouse IT or automation technology?

Or would you simply like to improve your storage situation?

  • Would you like pallets to be automatically scanned by gate scanners during the loading process?
  • Does the statutory accident insurance and prevention institution demand retrofitting in safety technology?
  • Do you want to replace your existing WMS and integrate it into SAP EWM, SAP WM, SAP Stock Room or into an ERP of another manufacturer?

We’ll modernise your warehouse too!

For over 20 years we have been developing software for intralogistics and expanding and modernising automated warehouses. For example, the world's first warehouse with integration in SAP EWM was modernised by A+K.

On the basis of our extensive experience, we were able to develop the optimal procedures for modernising an automated warehouse during ongoing operations. After all, modernisation places completely different demands on the project team than the construction of a new warehouse.

Call and we'll give you a

  • Free, non-binding initial analysis of your storage situation at your premises
  • Free, non-binding preparation of a rough modernisation concept
  • Free, non-binding preparation of an offer for modernisation

Within the scope of a project, we carry out the following for you:

  • Complete clarification and detailed planning
  • Reengineering of automation and IT systems
  • Detailed planning of modernisation measures during simultaneous warehouse operation
  • Creation of the warehouse management and material flow control
  • Creation of the automation technology and the control programs
  • Creation of the integration into your SAP EWM / WM and ERP of other manufacturers
  • Commissioning and start-up with daily fine tuning during ongoing operation
  • Service and support 24/7

Application areas of the warehouse software

Typical application areas for our software systems in automated warehouses include:

  • Automatic pallet warehouses
  • High-bay warehouses (HBW)
  • Channel storage systems
  • Flow-through storage systems
  • Small-parts warehouses (SPW)
  • Cassette storage systems
  • Sheet storage systems
  • Special warehouses

Warehouse management and process management

Depending on the project goal, selected modules of our tried and tested logistics management system LOMAS 4.0 are used. Warehouse stocks are managed either by LOMAS WMS or by your SAP EWM / SAP WM, by an AS/400-based ERP, by Microsoft Dynamics or an ERP of another manufacturer.

If SAP EWM is used, we automate your warehouse so that inventory management and transport specifications are managed exclusively in SAP EWM.  We automate your stacker crane and conveyor technology and connect them to SAP EWM.

LOMAS WMS supports all common functions such as storage location management, materials management, load carrier management and inventory management. It supports all common processes such as storage, relocation, retrieval and order picking. The best storage location is selected automatically based on extensive configuration options for warehouse, shelves and locations.

Modern browser-based user interfaces allow you to operate your warehouse management system on any screen and mobile tablet computer.

Using standard interfaces, LOMAS WMS can directly exchange the managed stocks with SAP WM, SAP EWM and ERP of other manufacturers.

LOMAS TMS transport management software

Our transport management system LOMAS TMS coordinates all material flows within an operation for conveyor technology, stacker cranes, transverse transfer carriages, forklifts and hand pallet trucks.

The transport management system has an integrated material flow controller (MFC) and an integrated task management system. It can accept transfer orders from any source, e.g. from SAP or an ERP of another manufacturer, from an MES or a control system from production, from a production worker using the LOMAS app on a smartphone, or from a logistics specialist via a user interface on the screen in the warehouse or from his mobile tablet computer.

The process manager for just-in-time call-offs of picking orders for production supply also automatically generates transport orders.

Control engineering and automation technology

We supply the necessary automation technology (Siemens PLC S5, S7, TIA) and control software for conveyor technology (CT), small load carrier and pallet conveyors and for stacker cranes.

We check the existing safety technology and supplement it where necessary so that your warehouse meets the current requirements of the Machinery Directive.

If it is necessary to track the data with the load carriers, this is carried out in the control system or on the transport management system depending on the situation, or otherwise by labelling or using transponders. We bring scanners up to date.

On-site operation of the conveyor technology and stacker cranes is carried out by stationary or mobile operator panels (OP) such as those made by Siemens.

System fault messages or necessary measures by the operator, refilling stretch film for winders for example, can be displayed directly in the LOMAS app on the smartphone of the logistics specialist.

Our partner network

Our partners complement our delivery programme with the following services:

  • SAP consulting
  • Electrical planning, switch cabinet construction, assembly
  • Stacker cranes
  • Conveyor technology for pallets and small load carriers
  • Sorting systems for outgoing and incoming shipments

Benefits of LOMAS

Since intralogistics is a cross-cutting function within your company, we keep an eye on all the various arenas within an operation when developing integrated logistics management systems. LOMAS 4.0 not only contains a warehouse management system (WMS) but is also a platform for all logistics tasks of a production operation.

This is why our logistics management system LOMAS 4.0 is not only a good choice for your automated warehouse, but will also support you, for example, in the future management of your manual warehouses, the management of production-related storage locations or in transport tasks within your production.

LOMAS WMS is extremely flexible. For example, inventory management in the finished goods warehouse might be carried out by SAP EWM and that of production-related warehouses by LOMAS WMS.

You can also use the LOMAS TMS transport management system for production supply as well as for trips within production. LOMAS TMS also contains a stacker control system for forklifts and hand pallet trucks.

You can also use the LOMAS task management system simultaneously for your production. This way you can report fault messages and instructions directly to the smartphone of a team of workers or to an individual worker and automatically monitor implementation.

We create your conveyor technology software for you based on our tried and tested standard modules. This ensures reliable operation of your system right from the start. The browser-based LOMAS visualisation provides a complete overview. Alternatively, we can implement the conveyor technology in ProLeiT Plant IT, Siemens WinCC or Scada systems of other manufacturers.

We generally deliver our software systems with the source code. This supports your maintenance personnel and gives you independence as an operation.

Competitive advantages through automated storage systems

Thoroughly optimised automated warehouses improve warehouse management and goods distribution processes, resulting in greater efficiency and faster stock turnover. Reliability and flexibility are also enhanced by independently running processes and an optimal material flow.

Whether it's a vertical automatic storage system or a horizontal automatic storage system, an automatic pallet warehouse, a high-bay warehouse, a channel storage system, a flow-through storage system or a small-parts warehouse – a modern, automated warehouse ensures that warehouse management runs smoothly.

Modern, state-of-the-art warehouse technology helps you to relieve your employees of extra work, reduce costs and boost your performance.

Warehouse modernisation retrofit

The software specialists at Artschwager + Kohl have many years of experience in retrofitting and warehouse modernisation. Whether it's warehouse management, automatic guided vehicle systems (AGV), a new control system for automated high-bay warehouses or automated small-parts warehouses – Artschwager + Kohl provides you with professional support in retrofitting all types of automated warehouse systems. And if you wish, even during ongoing operations!


Jürgen Kohl, Geschäftsführer von Artschwager + Kohl

Do you need a specialist for warehouse software? Are you even thinking beyond pure warehouse software? Please call me at any time. Let's talk about your project free of charge and without obligation. Let's find out how I can help you.

Jürgen Kohl

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