Retrofit – Advantages and possibilities

What does retrofit mean?


“The term retrofit refers to the modernisation of industrial plants and old machines with the aim of increasing production.”

What does WMS retrofit mean


“A WMS retrofit is the modernisation of a warehouse management system by means of warehouse management software for the purpose of optimising supply chain management (SCM)



What is a “retrofit”?

A “retrofit” can be understood as a “conversion”, “upgrading” or “refurbishment”. In the context of industrial plants, to retrofit means a to modernise a plant.

Goals of a retrofit modernisation project

  • Modernisation without interrupting production
  • Cost savings compared to a new purchase
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction of error rates
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Reduction of energy use
  • Fulfilment of legally required specifications
  • Connection to Industry 4.0 – In the sense of a “smart factory”

Advantages of a retrofit

The biggest advantage of a retrofit is that the technology can be modernised without interrupting production or the warehouse management system.

The software specialists at Artschwager + Kohl have shown often enough in the past that warehouse modernisation can be easily achieved without interrupting operating processes. This means that replacing outdated conveyor technology or outdated intralogistics is no problem.

The most important “component” for a successful retrofit is the choice of an experienced partner who has all aspects in view and can coordinate all the necessary services!

Retrofit requirements

To get the most out of modernisation, detailed planning is essential. An experienced retrofit specialist should be involved as early as the needs analysis, as this is the only way to integrate state-of-the-art solutions optimally.

Next, it is important to ensure that the interaction of all existing hardware and software systems is taken into account so as to be able to estimate the effects and possibilities of new solutions.

Finally, detailed implementation planning is important to ensure a smooth retrofit.

SAP retrofit

One of the biggest problems in the implementation of retrofitting and restructuring measures is the networking and dependency of diverse systems. For this reason, SAP retrofitting should definitely be considered so that existing systems can be better adapted and extended. By networking production systems and the WMS (warehouse management system) effectively, companies can get closer to achieving the objective of “Industry 4.0”.

Warehouse modernisation during ongoing operation – including SAP retrofit

Do you want to replace your obsolete Siemens S5 controllers with S7 TIA controllers? Do you want to integrate SAP when modernising your high-bay warehouse? Or do you need to modernise your ageing warehouse management system?
Artschwager + Kohl is your partner for retrofitting warehouse systems: We can modernise your warehouse, transport and manufacturing execution systems during ongoing operations!

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