We support you in the realisation of your project.

  • Do you require special expertise and personnel support for your project?
  • Do you have to supply special software that you do not want to create yourself?
  • Do you need to integrate your machine/system into SAP?
  • Do you need standard PLC/IT software for your machine that you can use again and again in all your future projects?
  • Have you outsourced your software development and want to have additional work packages developed?

Are you looking for a specialist who can professionally implement this for you?

Could this be the solution for you?

We are system and software architects. We are consultants. We are software developers. We are start-up engineers.

We have highly experienced, top specialists in the field of IT and PLC software development and, above all, extremely extensive experience in the development and commissioning of plant software.

Since we have also been developing process control systems, Scada systems and communication software for small and large suppliers of automation technology for over 20 years, we know what can be done with established systems and what is better left alone.

We reinforce your personnel by working in your project team and will also gladly take charge of completed work packages of your overall project as a sub-supplier on a fixed price basis.

We get involved in the joint development of the basic and detailed concepts. We invest our expertise, from sustainable software architectures, to internal components of the control and Scada systems of market leaders, to the experience gained in determining which solution architectures have proven themselves in operation and which have not.

And we answer the most important question in the concept phase: “What will work” and “What will definitely not work” during ongoing production.

Once the concept phase is complete, we create the software for the work packages that you do not want to develop yourself. We test these at our site and integrate the software into your overall system at your premises.

On request, we will put the software into operation with you at the premises of your end customer.

For us, protecting your know-how and protecting our customers are a matter of course.

After the project has been completed, we will be happy to assist your specialists in providing support for your end customer, e.g. as second level support, even 24/7.

Our experience is based on well over 20 years of developing system and plant software. We develop for small and large companies in the special machine and plant construction sector.

Examples from production

  • Production control stations with material flow control for the automotive sector
  • Production control stations with material flow control for the food and luxury food industry
  • Control system for final packaging with warehouse management, MFC and supply to robots
  • Fleet management systems for autonomously acting robots in the automotive sector
  • Barrel and barrel storage management with SAP integration
  • Container management
  • Integration of filling control systems in SAP and Oracle
  • Batch tracking for process plants
  • Development of process control systems e.g. for filling
  • BDE/OEE and reporting system
  • Integration of batch systems in SAP
  • Order-related control of pallet wrapping systems to optimise pallet safety and film consumption
  • Monitoring and control of production parameters using special apps on mobile devices
  • Apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Modernisation of outdated control systems during ongoing operation

Examples from intralogistics

  • Control system for overhead conveyor systems
  • Retrofit of automatic pallet warehouse with SAP EWM
  • Warehouse management for automatic and manual warehouses
  • Material flow computer for conveyor systems
  • Picking control for manual, paperless picking
  • Picking control for automatic picking systems
  • Shipping with gate scanners, RFID gates, handheld scanners
  • Fleet management for autonomously acting robots
  • Production supply and disposal
  • Software developments for mobile data acquisition devices
  • SAP integration of plants with automatic guided vehicle systems
  • Modernisation of existing automated warehouses for integration into SAP EWM
  • Development of control systems, e.g. for robot management
  • Replacement of obsolete warehouse management software
  • Retrofit of stacker crane controls
  • Retrofit of pallet conveyor control systems

Examples of ‘out-of-the-box’ system development

  • Development of a freely configurable manufacturing execution system (MES) including a visualisation system for soldering units
  • Control system with fleet management for overhead conveyor systems
  • Control system with fleet management for autonomously acting robots
  • Warehouse management system for production plants
  • Process control system for the cement industry
  • Process control system for the food industry
  • Process control system for process engineering industries
  • OPC server for access to technological objects of a control system
  • OPC server for access to S7 controllers via MPI and TCP
  • Development of an S7 communication layer for use in a process control system
  • Development of a SVG-based design and runtime system for a web-based visualisation system
  • Development of a generic, hierarchically working Scada system


Jürgen Kohl, Geschäftsführer von Artschwager + Kohl

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