Warehouse management software – Tasks and advantages

What does warehouse management software do


Warehouse management software enables fully automatic and efficient control of manual and automated warehouse processes and their control.

Benefits of powerful warehouse management software

The increased demands on efficient warehousing can scarcely be met today without the use of modern, high-performance warehouse management software.

Companies that manually coordinate stock movements using pick slips do not do justice to the complexity of warehousing processes and thus jeopardise their competitiveness.

Powerful warehouse management software (WMS) thus forms the basis for fast, efficient and cost-effective warehouse operations. It prevents interruptions in production and ensures fast deliveries.

Warehouse management software is available for the control of manual and automated warehouse processes.

Advantages of warehouse management software

WMS makes it possible to record and monitor all warehouse processes electronically and to control them centrally, automatically ensuring smooth processes.

Warehouse management software ensures that stocks are always up-to-date and that all relevant company departments have access to all necessary warehouse data at all times.

Warehouse management software helps to monitor and control all warehouse processes centrally, thus enabling fully automated operations. At the same time, sources of error, faults and delays are minimised.

Warehouse management software as part of the warehouse management system

The term “warehouse management system” describes a system that defines all processes, dependencies, storage locations and stocks within a warehouse. Due to the increasing complexity and higher demands on warehouse processes, powerful and adaptable warehouse management software is indispensable today for the control of material flows and inventories.

The difference between LVS and WVS

LVS is the abbreviation for “Lagerverwaltungssystem” (warehouse management system) and is basically a warehouse inventory system for managing stocks, storage locations and their dependencies. In a narrower sense, a “Lagerverwaltungssystem” can also be defined as a warehouse inventory management system.

WMS is the abbreviation for warehouse management system and encompasses the management, control and optimisation of all warehouse and distribution systems.

What do you need to pay particular attention to when deciding on warehouse management software?

There are many warehouse management systems. To optimise and modernise a warehouse, it is best to hire a specialist who has already successfully optimised numerous warehouse management systems.

A+K offers industrial customers an overall concept for a turnkey problem solution that takes all aspects and requirements into account. In addition to consulting and the selection and installation of customised warehouse management software, A+T can offer you turnkey solutions for warehouse modernisation (retrofit) in cooperation with partners. We will be happy to advise you.

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