The standard software for interfacing with MiR

AGV MultiConnect enables fast and cost-effective integration of mobile industrial robots in production systems.

AGV MultiConnect is ready-to-use software that just needs to be installed and configured. No programming is required.

AGV MultiConnect is a powerful and flexible platform that allows you to utilise communication channels to SAP and UPC UA simultaneously.

Warehouse transport orders can be initiated from SAP. At the same time, PLCs can start missions conveying empty load carriers without relying on SAP.

AGV MultiConnect contains a comprehensive order management tool for the MiRFleet manager as well as an intuitive web-based user interface for setting up SAP parameters, as well as OPC UA servers and nodes.

The integrated web portal displays current order status information from SAP and OPC in real-time. The diagnostic tools support technicians by directly outputting errors that occur during SAP, OPC UA or PLC communication.

SAP connector

SAP commissions transports by initiating warehouse transport orders.

AGV MultiConnect supports the following IDoc:

WMTOID01 Transfer
WMTCID01 Confirm transfer
WMCAID01 Cancel transfer

SAP provides source and destination position as well as priority with the transfer order. One or more so-called “missions” exist in a MiRFleet manager. One, two, or no parameters are supported when passing source and destination information.

Flexible source and destination mappings decide how SAP transfer orders are assigned to MiR missions.

These position mappings as well as SAP connection configuration can be maintained using a web based user interface

OPC UA connector

AGV MultiConnect supports an unlimited number of OPC UA servers through integrated UPC UA client technology.

Any number of “mission points” can be set up to start MiR missions. For each “mission point”, OPC nodes Start, Status, and Error Code must be configured.

In addition, settings for mission, source, destination, as well as priority must be configured. This can be done with the user interface. Alternatively, these can also be configured through OPC nodes, in which case all information can be pushed from the PLC dynamically.

A mission supports one, two or no parameters when passing source and/or destination positions. If a mission’s source or destination is “hard-coded”, the parameter(s) can be left empty during configuration.


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