Tugger trains – Tasks and advantages

What is a tugger train?


“A tugger train is an internal means of transport that transports means of production such as parts and material from storage locations to the correct production location ‘just-in-time’ in the desired quantity.”

Types of tugger trains

There are manual, semi-automated and automated tugger trains or material handling equipment. An “AGV” – an automated guided vehicle system – works very efficiently. A tugger train is also known as material handling equipment and consists of a towing vehicle and trailers. The trailers can be used to transport different load carriers and materials.

Tasks of tugger trains

As a part of intralogistics, a tugger train is intended to pick up parts and materials as efficiently as possible at the tugger train station (warehouse, supermarket) and deliver them to the desired production location at the right time and in the right quantity.

Advantage of tugger trains

The use of material handling equipment – especially automated guided vehicles (AGVs) – can lead to enormous improvements in productivity and considerable cost savings. This avoids production delays and production downtimes and reduces the workload of employees. In particular, automated tugger trains, which are controlled by powerful tugger train software 4.0, make particularly economical and flexible production possible through the efficient internal control of horizontal material flows.


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